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Ras Alan: News

Ras Alan CDs now available on this site! - August 22, 2006

To buy Ras Alan's CDs FOLKLIFE, LETTER FROM APPALACHIA or NATIVE, just click on "BUY" in the navigation bar at the top of this page. The CDs could be on their way to you today. The shipping is quick, and the ordering is easy. Plus, after you receive and listen to the CDs, you can, and are encouraged, to write a short reveiw of the CD on the order site. Let's get these records out of the barn! There's more to make!

One World Innernational Music Celebration jumps with Ras Alan and The Lions - August 21, 2006

The beautiful festival site at Deerfields in Horseshoe, NC, just outside Asheville, hosted the innaugural One World Innernational Music Celebration, and Ras Alan and The Lions sent the positive Appalachian reggae vibes through the mists to the dancers, campers and the worlds' tiniest caterpillar parade!
Other groups included Avec Le Force, Tonali, Afromotive, Dubconcious, Shining Rock Reggae Band, and Dub is a Weapon. An upful note of thanks for the One Vibe and Roots Artists Services folks, Timothy and William, for choosing such quality music and performances. There was even sitar and tablas! Forward!

Ras Alan brings Appalachian Rasta vibes to Bele Chere - July 29, 2006

Asheville, NC was warm on friday afternoon, and warmer still when Ras Alan and his special guests brought some positive Rasta vibes to the eGlobal/Lexington stage during the huge Bele Chere Festival, one of the largest outdoor street festivals in the southeast. Touring in support of his new album FOLKLIFE, recorded live at the Smithsonian Foklife Festival in Washington, DC, and the re-release of the albums NATIVE and LETTER FROM APPALACHIA, Ras Alan kicked off his set with resonator guitar and the trusty "dB", a wooden drinkbox he stomps for a drum. Ras Nethali joined in on percussion six songs in, arriving straight from Jamaica and bringin the vibes from a'yard. After several songs featuring Ras Neddy and Ras Alan trading drum and percussion licks, Ras Dennis Berndt plugged in the Fender bass and joined the duo for an even higher vibration, as more dancers spun, smiled and sweated through the Appalachian reggae set. The trio then was joined by Ras Berhane, a talented siner-songwriter-chanter, who bigged-up the musicians, the festival and the Most High, and traded rhythmic vocal punctuations with Ras Alan singing the radio hit "Livin in the Appalachians". Rockin Time!

Ras Alan's new CD "FOLKLIFE" is here! - May 30, 2006

"FOLKLIFE", recorded live at the 37th Annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC as part of the "Year of Appalachia" celebrations, is Ras Alan's 4th full length Appalachian Reggae CD. This album includes 14 tracks from 10 live shows performed in the huge APPALACHIA: HERITAGE and HARMONY tents, erected on the National Mall between other featured regions Mali and Scotland. Ras Alan sings his original songs and performs on his own flat top guitar, resonator guitar, his famous drink-box drum "dB" and ashiko, and is accompanied by longtime friend and musician Robert "Brother Bob" Franklin on harmony vocals and bass guitar. Appalachian Reggae inna de capital! FORWARD YA'LL! Get the CDs while you can. $15 each and $2 s/h to RED PEPPER RECORDS PO Box 33, Greeneville, TN, 37744, USA. And call your local radio station to request the songs!

New shipments of "NATIVE" and "LETTER FROM APPALACHIA" in stock. - May 25, 2006

Ras Alan's first full Appalachian Reggae album, NATIVE, recorded in the mountains of North Carolina in 1992, is available again for the first time in years. NATIVE includes the hits "Nice Up, Natty", "Textile Town" and the radio hit "Herb Revenooer".
LETTER FROM APPALACHIA, Ras Alan's 2002 album was considered by the Grammy© committee in both the reggae and contemporary folk catagories, and includes the favorites "So Much Betta", "Livin in the Appalachians" and "Dreadneck".
Both CDs are available for $15 each plus 2$ s/h to RED PEPPER RECORDS
PO Box 33, Greeneville, TN 37744, USA. Get 'em now...

Ras Alan's ONE HEARTBEAT Program successful yet again! - May 22, 2006

The Kindergarden through 5th grade classes at Mckissick Elementary in Easley SC and A R Lewis Elementary in Pickens SC were host to Ras Alan's ONE HEARTBEAT program from May 8 to May 18, 2006. Ras Alan introduced the youth to drums and percussion instruments from around the world, including Appalachia. The ACE after-school students learned RESPECT for the instruments, each other and themselves, PATTERNS of interwoven rhythms, TEAMWORK and TRUST in their musical partners; the students REHERSED and had RECORDING SESSIONS in preparation for the final PERFORMANCE for their peers in the remainder of their respective schools. Everyone- students, teachers and Ras Alan- was very enthusiastic and a positive experience was had by all! Thank you so much to all the staff at the schools for doing the important work of raising our children and encouraging the youth to GROW FORWARD with RESPECT, LOVE and COURAGE. Call or e-mail RED PEPPER RECORDS to get info on Ras Alan's ONE HEARTBEAT Program for your school, festival, camp, event or gathering.

Grey Eagle show nice! - April 10, 2006

"Acoustic Reggae Night" was positive vibes in Asheville, NC, at the Grey Eagle on April 7, as Ras Alan was joined by reggae singer-songwriters Ras Ric, of Mystic Vibrations fame, and the talented Ras Berhane. Each performed solo sets, then gathered onstage with Ras Nathali on percussion for a 4 song set, including the crowd pleasing Nice Up Natty. Give Thanks for One Vibe Reggae and Roots Artists Services, and all the positive comments!

DISCOGRAPHY! - February 24, 2006

Looking for a particular RAS ALAN song? We at Red Pepper Records are collecting comments and thoughts about re-releasing Ras Alan's previous albums. They include NATIVE (1993), the live collection STONE INNA HURRICANE (1997), and LETTER FROM APPALACHIA (2002). Do you have a favorite live performance you and your friends attended? There are literally hundreds of live RAS ALAN and RAS ALAN and THE LIONS' shows from 1992 to 2005 in the archives. Should they be put up for download, or otherwise be made available? What do you think? Please contact us at with your opinion!

Appalachian Reggae News - February 4, 2006

Ras Alan just returned from January 28th Chinese New Year Celebration at Half Moon Beach, just outside of Negril, Jamaica! Ras Alan shared the stage with Peter Rowan’s Skydancer Trio, reggae friends, The Overtakers, Ralph Roddenberry, and others. Chinese New Year is a unique, multicultural celebration. Ras Alan and Libre Brousseau also put on a program for 1200 students at a local Jamaican high school to promote philanthropic tourism and inspire students to achieve. The students enjoyed Ras Alan's music and learned that we are all more alike than different! Very cool; very rewarding! Ras Alan played a wedding on the cliffs of Negril right before sunset, another moving and rewarding Jamaican event. Salina's Coffee Bar & Eatery in Negril featured Ras Alan's acoustic performance on their Sunday, January 29th worldwide webcast. dB, Ras Alan's famous wooden drink box bass, had a grand time with all of our friends on the magical island of Jamaica. We give thanks!!!

Soon to be released: Folklife, Ras Alan’s all acoustic album! Ras Alan was a featured performer at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, for the “Year of Appalachia” in 2003, recording 10 shows on the National Mall in Washington DC, some of which will be included on the future live release.
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